Reasons we do this job 2-A life in the day of a brafitter

Reasons we do this job

Number 2

Young girl shuffles into the shop with mum. Head down. Arms clutched around her chest. She has big boobs and feels really awkward,

We coax her into the fitting room. Explain what is going to happen.

‘Please take your top off and leave your bra on”

Girl looks as though she wishes the ground would swallow her up and is on the verge of tears. Our hearts break just a little. Yes we know you would rather be in Victoria’s Secrets with your mates.

Because we know our stuff, a bra is produced with minimum fuss. Try this on, we won’t see you without your bra.

Bra is fitted on. Girl peeps at herself in the mirror. Still shy but maybe a little smile starts twitching at the corner of her mouth.

Here try this one on. Gosh your boobs look amazing in that.

Slowly we see the transformation of an ungainly, shuffling youngster into a beautiful young lady, head held high, big smile on her face.

Yes you have boobs and wow.

Victoria’s Secrets we might not be, but we know how to make a lady feel good in a bra.

This is why we do this job.

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