Pretty Woman Bras are all about the fit. We offer a bra fitting service second to none.

It's all about the fit

Bra Fitting Guide

Here at Pretty Woman the fit is all important. If you can’t get in-store for a proper fitting, here are a few tips to help you achieve the perfect fit.

Firstly, most ladies are wearing the band of their bra too loose. The band actually provides 80% of the support of a bra. Generally, the measurement around your rib cage directly underneath your breasts is the size your band should be. A new bra should be fastened on the loosest hook of the band; if you are having to fasten it on a tighter hook then the band is too loose. One of the reasons for this is to extend the life of your bra. With washing and wearing, the elasticity of the band declines and this is when you can tighten the band by fastening it on a tighter hook.

Step-by-step guide

The Band

As a general rule of thumb, you should be able to put two fingers under the band and pull out to a maximum of one inch.

If the band is not lying horizontally around the body or the back band is riding up, then chances are your band is too loose.

It's all about the fit

Video guide

Pretty Woman Bras are all about the fit. We offer a bra fitting service second to none.

Of course nothing can replace a fitting by a trained specialist, however should you have any questions about the best size and style for you then please contact us.

All our staff are fully experienced experts who are fitting bras day-in and day-out and who know our product range inside-out.

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