Why is there such a lack of good bra fitting services on the High Street?

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Most new customers who walked through the door this weekend thought they were a B,C or D cup. It never ceases to amaze me how we are still so badly educated about an absolute staple of our wardrobes. I do blame the chain stores, one in particular which champions its bra fitting service. I had a lady in over the weekend who told me she could never get a bra to fit properly, the band was making her very sore, the wires dug into her and she had four boobs which could be seen through her clothes. This well known store had told her she was a 40DD.
When she took her top off I could see what she meant the wires of the bra were digging into breast tissue, the band was offering no support and the cups hardly covered any of her boobs. No wonder the poor lady was in such discomfort.
She was refitted to a 36HH, in some bras she was a 38H or double HH. We must have tried on about 20 bras but it's important to try on different shapes and makes to see what fits best and more importantly what is suitable for the customers needs. Such a change in size does feel weird at first, the wire is in a different place and the cups actually cover the boobs. I also explained to her the different shapes of cups and styles which, if you have never had a bra fitting before, can be a revelation.
When she put her top on with her new bra on, she immediately looked younger, her posture improved, her boobs were in the right place, not hanging round her waist, she rediscovered her shape, a defined waist which made her look slimmer.
All credit to her husband who sat patiently through the process, but he was so fed up about her complaining about her bras that I think he would have sat there all day so his wife could find a comfortable fitting bra. We all have boobs and a comfortable well fitting supportive bra should be a given but sadly it so very often is not.
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