Reasons we do this job 4, a life in the day of a bra fitter.

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Reasons we do this job 

Number 4

An elderly lady walks into the shop with her stick.

“ I need a new bra. I have bad arthritis.

I struggle.”

“Wouldn’t you rather go braless? You might find it easier”

“Definitely not, I wouldn’t be seen dead without my bra”. We sit lady down in the fitting room.

With kindness we help the lady undress. Because we know our stuff, we quickly find a bra, yes one that fits but also one she will manage or her husband can do up. 

We know she will be sat down a lot so comfort is an absolute necessity, and we know that for this lady a bra is about a preservation of her dignity and her identity .

We take our time to help her dress.

She has lost her confidence a bit walking, so we ask her if she would like us to accompany her back to her husband who is waiting in the car. Yes please.

It’s all part of the service. This lady in her eighties has made a special journey just to see us. If it was my mum, I’d want someone to look out for her.


A bra is important to a woman for so many different reasons.

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