Hello February!!

Hello February!!

Hello February!

Reasons to be grateful, 

It’s the shortest month of the year, 

The days are getting longer, yes seriously, that little leap of joy when you leave work and it is still daylight or when you are out walking the dog at 7 in the morning and you can see the sunrise instead of navigating frosty paths in the pitch black and cold. Or even just opening your eyes in the morning and glimpsing the first signs of light instead of the dead black which makes you think it is still the dead of night rather than getting up time.

You may have lost a bit of weight, the New Year’s  diet has worked a treat and you may be noticing a difference to your shape. 

It’s also the time for new additions to our bra wardrobe. What better excuse to treat yourself or be treated than Valentine’s Day? even if you don’t care for all that mushy stuff, hey ho it’s Valentines Day folks, a girl’s got  to have at least one seduction worthy set in her bra drawer.

Our definite fave at the moment is the Fantasie Bronte, full on romantic outfit, long line bra , sexy knickers and a suspender belt. What is more important for us, it fits amazingly well and suits so many women.https://prettywomanbras.co.uk/search?q=Bronte

Next up is the Sachi, forever favourite and still going strong, and whatever your size, makes you look like a Goddess. This bra produces more Wows instore than any others. You can look sexy, voluptuous and even more important feel so comfortable, nothing worse than trying to look like a sex goddess when everything’s pinching and you are wearing the most outlandish gear more suited to an Elizabethan brothel!!https://prettywomanbras.co.uk/search?q=Sachi

If Red is your colour of choice for Valentines then we have the quintessentially luxurious Deauville by Prima Donna in a gorgeous Ruby Red, https://prettywomanbras.co.uk/products/prima-donna-deauville-bra-in-persian-red, top dollar but it looks and feels it or for the more price conscious who just want a burst of red, the stunning Jasmine in Berry Burst by Panache. This bra has also been dubbed the ‘wench bra’ by other lingerie shop owners so I think that says it all.https://prettywomanbras.co.uk/products/panache-jasmine-balconnet-bra-berry-burst-6951

So go on ladies, time for a treat, Christmas is but a distant memory. Whether it’s for you or someone else, a fab, well fitting set of undies always makes us feel better.


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